Arima Research

We are a quantitative sciences firm. We create products, solutions and data insights for our clients in the areas of customer intelligence, operational efficiency and human capital optimisation. We are working with some of the largest technology companies directly and with other partners. Most of our work is built with technologies like python, django, javascript and d3. Our analytical solutions cover techniques from Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Simulation Analysis and optimisation techniques.

We believe that democratising analytics will bring greater success for businesses. Analytics is complex but powerful. We trying to get as many business users to use the results of analytics without getting into the intricate details and delays due to its complexity.This the core principle behind our applications and solutions.

What We Do

Data Analytics Products

We build data analytics products and platforms. These products and platforms are aimed at business users to use the results of advanced analytics and take better decisions

Data Visualisation

We help organisations and businesses visualise large data with innovative visualisations.

Data Analytics Training

We help improve the skills of professionals in Data Analytics through workshops and classroom training.

Data Analytics Consulting

We help organisations leverage Data Analytics for specific business challenges with custom consulting offerings

Why Choose Us

Arima Research combines active research with business and strategic sights to provide the best solution to its clients.

  We view analytics as an enabler and focus on the business problem

  We focus business users using the results of analytics and not be put off by its complexity

  Our consulting methods are backed with powerful tools to achieve faster deployments

  Collaborations with premier academic institutions to assimilate the best of research for business optimisation


Rajesh Naik

Rajesh is an alumnus of IIT-Madras and IIM-Ahmedabad. He has been involved in guiding, optimising, transforming enterprises across multiple domains since 20 last years. He is one of the leading experts on setting up human capital management systems.He plays the roles of consultant, mentor, trainer and author. He currently lives in Bangalore and travels around the world on work.

Chinmay Pradhan

Chinmay is the founder of Arima Research. He is a Management consultant and has been consulting some of the top companies in Asia and Europe. He is an internationally published author and speaker in the field of analytics and innovation. He is an alumnus of the Business Analytics Program from IIM-Bangalore.

Navnit Kumar
Applications Developer

Navnit makes the technology possible. He churns out the entire technology stack for web applications and keeps it running. He loves python and his new interests have been badminton and data applications.

Applications Developer

Sam is part of the core application development team and builds the data products.Master in computers he has been picking up a new technology a day. From D3 to Django, he is now the expert to reach out to.

Partha Sarathi Panda
Applications Developer

Partha is a full stack developer who creates data products and visualisations. He makes things look beautiful and is obsessed with new technology.

Sidhartha Mahato
Release & Devops Engineer

Sidhartha ensures that the applications are up and running. He helps manage & maintains the release automation framework and evaluates the latest in technology to ensure application downtime is minimal

Chandana Vasist
Asst Manager Marketing

A computer science engineer, she is passionate about marketing. Chandana handles the marketing and branding activities of the team. She also handles all the social media activities.

Gautam R
Data Consultant

Gautam works on data science algorithms and deep learning. He builds the data algorithms in the team. He has a specific inclination towards deep learning. Prior to this he had been working with the Neuro Science Lab in IISC and had been deeply involved with Deep Learning, especially reinforcement learning of robotic arms.

Baladitya Panda

Balaaditya is the UI expert in the team and creates the UI and visualisations.A computer science engineer with a passion for UI and front end technologies. He is also a MEAN stack developer.

Our Progress

June 2016 - "Zephyr and Ingrepp" Platforms Launched
Jan 2016 - Xchanging confirms Insights as their Measurement System and Prediction Modelling Platform.
Nov 2015 - "Insights" Platform Build Started
June 2015 - Analytics Trainings launched.
Oct 2014 - Analytics Consulting in India and China.
June 2014 - Arima Research Started.