Customers Analytics

Our Analytics offerings help in analysing data from customer behaviour and extracting key business decisions with the use of advanced predictive analytics. This helps our clients derive the maximum value from their end customer data and build resilient strategies to deliver maximum value.

Segmentation Analytics

Identify key customer segments and build strategies & plans according to the characteristics of the segments. We employ a range of techniques from unsupervised learning to deep learning to identify key segments customer data.

Brand Risk Analytics

Integrating social media advanced analytics we listen for brand mentions and identify key user sentiments and risks. This helps build response and mitigation strategies based on real-time inputs.

Customer Lifetime Value

Predict the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer using our CLV models.Also, identify which customers will leave you and migrate.

Talent Analytics

Employees form the core of any organisation. Using machine learning algorithms we help describe, predict and prescribe factors and actions that help maximise the potential of your human capital. Combined with strategic consulting we transform the way in which your human capital is managed.

Workforce Analytics

Robustly predict future supply and demand, and managing workforce risk.We help forecast capacity requirements

Recruitment & Retention Analytics

We help identify and predict the factors and success in recruitment. This helps save you time and cost while ensuring that the best resources are hired. This set of offerings also helps predict the "flight risk" of employees and factors affecting it.Knowing this can help reduce attrition significantly

Performance Analytics

Identifying the predictors of success in key individuals is another area where our offerings help create a difference. Ensure the highest on promotions and roles changes by knowing what create the best performers in those roles.

Operation And Delivery Analytics

Delivery and operations have been a challenge. There are multiple levels to balance always to meet the ever increasing demands of customers. With Advanced analytics we help solve many of the relevant business challenges faced by you on a daily basis.

Delivery Analytics

Predict the success of delivery and factors affecting them.Easily predict parameters like effort, cycle time and defects and analyse the impacting factors. Perform trade-off analysis and evaluate the impact of changes to the process.

Warranty Analytics

Analyse and predict failures and warranty need for optimised warranty management of products.

Pricing Analytics

Advanced analytics aimed at customer and business outcomes are at the core of modern pricing and profitability management. Using a mati facted approach combine business drivers with advanced machine learning algorithm we help our customers derive optimal pricing models. This leads to a higher profitability and revenue.