Data Visualization

Data Visualization is the representation of data in a pictorial fashion to help derive insights or communicate inferences. At Arima Research we consider visualisation to be a critical component of analytics since advanced analysis without the intuitive visual representation of results does not translate to actions. We use a variety of tools and techniques to achieve the desired impact on business users.

Employee Satisfaction Surveymore_vert

Employee Satisfaction Surveclose

Survey analysis in comparison with project and employee performance.

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Insights from Surveymore_vert

Insights from Surveyclose

Correlation does not imply Causation, but they do indicate patterns.

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Factors Impacting Attritionmore_vert

Factors Impacting Attritionclose

Representation of Mutiple factors impacting Employee Attrition.

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Talent Findermore_vert

Talent Finderclose

Social Search for Skills in IT.

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Attrition Predictionymore_vert

Attrition Predictionclose

Visualising Attrion Prediction Results.

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Detecting Patternsmore_vert

Detecting Patternsclose

Discovering Hidden Patterns in Large Datasets.

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