Raising the Data Quotient

An Integrated Analytics Platform for Managing Delivery in Information Technology Companies.

Key Features

Insights from Arima Research help organisations set up a quantitative decision-making platform faster and with high accessibility than traditional tools.

Highly Secure Data Management

Defined role based access, data security features and options for on-premise database or secure cloud ensures that your data is secured.

Metrics Planning

Completely integrated metrics planning and allocation modules. This helps to create custom metrics to meet specific project requirements.

Data Cleaner

Advanced machine learning scripts to automatically clean and sanitise data for performance visualisation and prediction.

Performance Visualization

Visualise performance across timeframes in and quickly spot trends.

Process Performance Analysis

Analyse and share historical process performance data using statistical techniques.

Process Modelling & Prediction

Create, share and run prediction models using advanced analytics in the browser.


Organisations reap significant benefits with the insights platform:

   40% saving in the effort for measurement framework deployment.

   30% increase in the usage data collected.

   92% reduction in redundant metrics.

   45% time saving in process improvement journeys.