Zephyr- The Customer Analytics Platform

Leverage your Customer Data

Analytics from Zephyr

Zephyr is a customer analytics engine which takes in the large volume of customer related data and turns them into insights for businesses.

Customer Footprints

Get daily reports on customers footprints, analyse their spend and get to know them better.

Loyalty Analytics

Analyse your loyal customers, their spends, and likes. Also, see what can be done to improve their experience.

Customer Segmentation

Identify the different segments of customers who are buying your products. Identify key segments and improve the ROI of marketing.

Basket Affinity Analysis

Analyse the products that are bought together by customers. Build your product placement strategy and promotion strategies for maximum impact.

Brand Metrics Analysis

Identify the key performance criteria for brands. Analyse how your brands are performing across segments.

Customer Churn

Identify who is going to leave you and by when. Do a trade-off analysis to identify the impact of market promotions


Analytics helps you understand the pulse of your customers & your business. Zephyr's Advanced Analytics Platform gets the powers of data-driven decisions to you without any hassle.

  Identify ways to boost your store's share-of-wallet

  Understand how do first-time buyers discover new products.

  Improve Customer Loyalty and Experience

  Gain Competitive Advantage over your peers