Ingrepp-Analytics Driven Survey Engine

Ingrepp helps discover key drivers of engagement

Survey Analytics from Ingrepp

Ingrepp offers an easy to use survey platform backed with advanced analytics as a service that saves you time and improves efficiency. We provide easy-to-use features with real-time reports. With Ingrepp, you engage with your stakeholders and align with them.

Related Responses

Identify which questions in a survey are related to each other.

Sentiments Expressed

Using advanced Text Analytics identify the sentiment and emotion of users in the responses.


Benchmark your scores and see where you stand with respect to the industry.

Key Drivers

Identify which are the key related areas that affect the respondent the most.

Key Groups

Identify key clusters of respondents which will help form more precise action items.

Impact Analysis

Identify the impact of survey score on other key business objectives and its level of significance.

Key Benefits

With Ingrepp's Advanced Analytics engine, insights into survey responses become easier and more powerful than ever.

  Incorporate advanced analytics as part of your normal survey analysis

  Build more precise actions and reach your goals faster

  Understand the hidden signals and become proactive