Powerful web-based Monte Carlo Simulator to help simulate business scenarios

  Super easy to make a Simulation Model.

   Innovative Visualisations of results

   Web-Based collaboration

   Web-Based collaboration

The simulator is a Web-Based Monte Carlo simulation tool. It's completely web-based and hence needs only a browser to work.It makes real-time collaboration and analysis possible through its innovative visualisations and analysis. Anyone can make prediction models using Simulator.

Completely Web-based
Options of On-Cloud or On-Premise
Supported by Arima's consulting team for faster model creation
Innovative Visualisations to communicate the inferences lucidly to business users.
Faster deployment of prediction models across projects
Complete lifecycle of prediction driven decision-making

Simulator Features

Monte Carlo Simulation on the Web

Simulator's Analytical engine creates powerful Monte Carlo Simulations on the web. Being a web web-based application the results are accessible from your desktop or mobile devices. No installation is necessary and your connection is secure.There is no dependency on OS as well.

Create and Share Models instantly

With Simulator, prediction model and its results can be created and shared instantly. Model frameworks once created can be reused and shared multiple times across teams thus saving value time and effort. With no constraints of a desktop license, decision-making and information sharing.

Secured Access

Define Roles and Permissions for people who can access specific models.

Integrate with Other Proccess

Integrate simulation results with other processes like risk management and estimation.

Identify key subprocesses to control

Idetify key input processes that have a significant impact on the overall prediction.

Super Easy

With intuitive visualisations and interfaces, anyone can build and use a simulation model making it more powerful to business users.