Discrete Event Simulation on the Web. Super-charge your improvements by simulating your process flow and studying bottlenecks and what-if scenarios

  Create process model diagrams and add data to the steps to simulation the workflow

  Perform bottleneck analysis and study different what-if scenarios

  Completely web-based with no dependency on operating systems

Simflo is a web-based, easy to use process analysis and simulation tool available to help organisations understand and improve their processes. Simflo provides discrete event simulation analytics and reporting, enabling dynamic "what-if" process analysis to help organisations identify bottlenecks and improve processes faster.

Process Behavioral Modeling.
Powerful Discrete Event Simulation.
Simulate any BPMN Flow Diagram
Multiple Scenario Analysis Reporting.
Web-based with no dependency on desktop licenses or operating systems
Faster deployment of prediction models across projects.

Simflo Features

Process Simulation for Better Process Improvement Decisions

Simflo provides a data-centric method of making important business changes using process simulation. You link together data with the process flow and Simflo allows you to mimic current actual process flow. With simulation process, bottlenecks can be easily identified. Proposed changes can be tested in minutes to accurately predict process improvement opportunities.

Collaborate Real Time

With Simulator, prediction model and its results can be created and shared instantly. Model frameworks once created can be reused and shared multiple times across teams thus saving value time and effort. With no constraints of a desktop license, decision-making and information sharing.

Secured Access

Define Roles and Permissions for people who can access specific models.

Integrate with Other Process

Integrate simulation results with other processes like risk management and estimation.

Identify key subprocesses to control

Identify key input processes that have a significant impact on the overall prediction.

Super Easy

With intuitive visualisations and interfaces, anyone can build and use a simulation model making it more powerful to business users.