Datum is a powerful data wrangler using advanced machine learning for performing data cleaning and preparation:

  Browser based

  Intelligent Detection

  Fast Data Preparation

Datum is a world class web-based platforms that use advanced machine learning algorithm to clean and prepare your data for further visualisation and predictive analysis.

Data cleaning and preparation takes up to 55% - 60% of the time in analytics projects and with Datum this is reduced substantially.

Fully web-based and hence no installation required neither any platform dependence.
Machine Learning algorithms help make data preparation and cleaning through a few clicks rather than laborious scripts.
Can be integrated into other platforms and tools.
Self Service Data Preparation.
Interactive Data Cleaning.
Predictive Cleaning.

Datum Features

Interactive Cleansing and Transformation

DDatum's self-service features are a clear differentiator for Data Scientists and Business Analysts. Without laborious scripts, data can be cleaned in an interactive manner and results visualised immediately.
Data can combine, cleaned and transformed to create new variables all in a few clicks in the browser. Data can be fetched and combined across multiple sources and new data sets created on the fly which can be further saved, stored and appended.

Predictive Intelligence

Advanced machine learning scripts help identify errors and issues and show it interactively to help Analysts save time and effort. The platform intelligently evaluates the data and helps recommends actions to clean it. Datum empowers analysts to do more with their data by constantly guiding them through the process using intelligent suggestions.

Platform Independent

OS Independence. All you need is a browser with the internet.

Connect and Combine

Combine Data from multiple data sources, SQL, excel, CSV directly in the browser and create your own unique dataset.


Combine internal data sets with external data with a few clicks.


Aggregate, pivot, depivot, and transpose data rapidly into any shape with a single click.